We, Learning Tact Limited, registered under the Bangladesh Companies Act (Act XVIII) of 1994 (hereafter referred to as "Company"), with the incorporation number, are committed to safeguarding your privacy through the protection of your personal information. We may gather and occasionally share your information to guarantee a smooth experience while using our services. Reinforcing our commitment to your privacy, this notice aims to explain our information policies, provide you control over how we use your information, and explain how we gather it.

By accessing our website, you signify that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy. Your use of the Website or App is contingent upon accepting our Privacy Policy, governing the gathering and utilization of your personal information.

Do not use or access the Website if you do not agree with our Privacy Policy and its terms and conditions, particularly those about how we collect or use your information. Kindly reach out to our Customer Support Desk at 01318578454 if you have any inquiries or reservations concerning this privacy policy.


We, Our, and Us: The originators of this privacy policy. You, Your, Yourself, and User: Individuals, both natural and legal, engaging with the Website. Website: learningtact.com
Personal Information:
Any identifiable information collected from You. Third Parties: Entities, whether a Website, company, or individual, excluding the User and the Website's creators.


Our number one priority is making sure your personal information is safe when you're online. Protecting the privacy of the information you provide us with, known as "Personal Information," is a top priority for us. Name, address, phone number, email address, and any other personally identifiable information is included in this.

We ask for personal information such as your date of birth, phone number, bank details, and class, school, courses, or curriculum when you buy something from our website or app. The scope of this Privacy Policy is broadened to include data collected from individuals who have not yet enrolled as members, including their browsing history, the websites they frequent, and other similar information.

Even when you link your learning tact and social media accounts, we will continue to respect your privacy. By approving this link, we can access your social network accounts and retrieve your data immediately. To sum up, we care deeply about how you use our website and app and want to make sure that your personal information is secure and handled responsibly at all times.

How We Collect Your Information

We are completely forthright about the reasons we collect personal information, either before or at the time of collection. Strict adherence to the stated aims or other compatible objectives, the assurance of the individual's consent, or compliance with relevant laws governs the acquisition and use of personal information. We acquire personal information using lawful and fair means and, when appropriate, with the individual's knowledge or consent. We store it for as long as is necessary to fulfill the indicated purposes.


Data gathering technologies, often called "cookies," are used on certain pages of our website and app. Personalized services and features that are exclusive to cookie usage are made possible by these little files stored on your hard drive. Cookies allow us to recognize registered users and provide you with personalized content based on your preferences. You can disable interest-based advertising from third-party vendors like Google by visiting aboutads.info or the Ads Settings.

External Links On Website

Hyperlinks on this site may take you to other sites or information. We want to stress that we have no say in the content or operation of any third-party websites. We do not support the content, advertising, or products of these third parties, and users agree that we are not liable for the content or availability of such sites or resources. Because different third-party service providers and websites may have different rules on the storage and retention of personal information, users should be wary and check their privacy policies before submitting any personal information to those entities. We employ third-party advertising businesses to display adverts on our site. We recommend that visitors check the privacy policies of these organizations when they visit their sites.

Our Use Of Your Information

Your contact information serves multiple purposes, including necessary communication and problem diagnosis on our server. We utilize your IP address for server administration, broad demographic insights, and to identify and prevent fraud. Ongoing enhancements to our security protocols align with evolving technology. In the event of a company acquisition or merger, information transfer will be preceded by notification via email or a prominent notice on the site.

Information disclosure may occur to comply with legal procedures, and court orders, prevent harm, or address illegal activities, fraud suspicions, or violations of our Terms of Use. Personal information may be disclosed in line with our Copyright Policy for investigations into fraud, intellectual property infringement, piracy, or other unlawful activities, including details such as name, address, country, phone number, email address, and company name.


Recognizing the confidentiality of certain information on the Website, you agree not to disclose designated confidential information without prior written consent. Your provided information is considered confidential and will not be shared with third parties unless legally mandated by appropriate authorities. We uphold a commitment to refrain from selling, sharing, or renting your personal information to any third party or utilizing your email address for unsolicited communication. Emails sent by us are exclusively related to the provision of agreed-upon services and products, ensuring the preservation of confidentiality and privacy.


We take the security of your personal information and conversations very seriously, but please be aware that no one can ever completely protect your privacy. Credit card and bank account numbers are examples of sensitive data that fall into this category. Disclosures or unforeseen events may take place that are not covered by this Privacy Policy. Accordingly, as a Site user, you must understand and agree that we cannot guarantee, and you should not expect, that your personal information will always be kept secret. All risks and liabilities relating to your use of the Site, your online activities generally, and your interactions with any materials you access or post on or off the Site are hereby fully understood and accepted by you when you engage with the Site. This recognition highlights the ever-changing character of online interactions and the inherent unpredictability of digital privacy.

Contact Us

Please contact our Officer if your issue remains unresolved after contacting our Customer Care team or if you would want to escalate your problem. Email: support@Learning Tact. Address: 21/2/1, Chopola Bhaban, Tolarbag 2, Mirpur 1216, Dhaka, Bangladesh