Here at Learning Tact, we want you to be happy with the courses you take. We get it; sometimes you just need to get your money back or get something different. To be sure you understand the terms and circumstances, please read our return policy.

To initiate a refund, you must do it no later than twenty-four hours after the transaction date. To begin the refund process, please contact Learning Tact via email at Be sure to include your student email address and the phone number that was used during enrollment.

Refund Policy Requirements

● The student was misled into thinking that the course would cover the material.
● This course is either a full-subscription academic program or a live or pre-recorded course having a validity period of more than three months.

Items Not Eligible for Refund

Under these circumstances, we will not consider refund requests:
● This animated course is what you've paid for.
● This is a test-paper course that you have purchased.
● The course you bought is the same one that you exchanged for a refund because you asked for it before.
● The term "purchased course" can refer to either a live or pre-recorded academic program with fewer than three months of validity left on the subscription or to any course that has been purchased.
● Breaking the rules of the community.

Items Not Eligible for Refund

A confirmation email with the Transaction ID or Reference number will be issued by refunds@Learning Tact. once a refund request has been processed and approved. You will no longer see the enrolled course in your profile. You must repurchase the course to re-enroll in it.

Within 10 days of a refund request being reviewed and granted, the monies will be deposited into the original payment method (bank, mobile financial services account, or card). The user will receive a confirmation email after the refund process is finished.

You can request an exchange as long as you do so within 24 hours of buying the item. Give your student ID and email address to The conditions for an exchange are that the two courses have never been exchanged before and that the new course's pricing is at least as high as the old one. If the new course costs more, you'll have to pay more.

Changes to the Policy:

Learning Tact may make changes to the return policy whenever they see necessary. Modifications will be relayed on an individual basis and revised regularly. Users are encouraged to review the policy regularly for awareness of any amendments. For further assistance or inquiries, contact our support team at support@Learning Tact.