The Learning Tact platform, which includes the website, and any related products or services, is governed by these Terms and Conditions ("Terms"). By agreeing to these Terms, you ("User" or "You") and Learning Tact enter into a legally binding agreement.

Access to the Learning Tact Platform is subject to these Terms and Conditions, which govern all users, including Content Providers (those making content available), Learners (those learning a subject or skill), and others. Collectively referred to as "you," "your," or "Users," these terms, together with the Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, Cookies Policy, Accessibility Statement, User Guidelines, and any other terms conveyed, constitute the "Platform Terms."

Any use of the Website, Application, or Products or Services constitutes your acceptance of these Terms and any other policies that may be in effect at any given time. Please do not use the Application, Website, or Services in any way if you are not in agreement with these Terms.

Within the meaning of the Information and Communication Technology (Intermediaries Guidance) Rules, 2011, and the ICT Act, 2006, as amended from time to time, these Terms are considered an electronic record.

The Application, Website, Services, and goods are the exclusive property of Learning Tact and contain all intellectual property rights (the "Proprietary Information"). Copying, downloading, reproducing, altering, republishing, uploading, posting, transmitting, or distributing any Proprietary Information is strictly forbidden without Learning Tact's express consent.

Our goods, website, app, and services are here for your personal, non-commercial use only. Everything that could damage Learning Tact, and other users, or break the law is off-limits, including decompiling, reverse engineering, unauthorized advertising, and any other use.

Sending malicious content, stalking, infringing on intellectual property, impersonating another person, spreading viruses, tampering with services, disrupting security, or breaking any laws is strictly forbidden.

The Application, Website, and Services are protected and should not be compromised in any way. It is absolutely forbidden to gain unauthorized access, launch disruptive assaults, or do anything else that could damage the platform.

Users who engage in banned activities or violate these Terms may have their access terminated at Learning Tact's discretion. It is the user's responsibility to keep their account information secure and to notify the appropriate authorities immediately of any suspected fraudulent activity.

Learning Tact’s Rights
Learning Tact retains the authority to delay, reject, suspend, or cancel your Platform registration by applicable laws and regulations.
Learning Tact reserves the right to remove any user or user-generated content from the platform without prior notification in the event of a violation of the platform terms.
Learning Tact reserves the right to alter, discontinue, or decline to supply services without prior notice, at its sole discretion.
Learning Tact reserves the right to remove any user from the Platform at any time and for any cause, regardless of the Platform Terms.
When you contact Learning Tact for technical help, we may access your account and any User- generated Content stored therein. This is to ensure that the Platform is secure, that we comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and that we can carry out other lawful business objectives.
While Learning Tact is under no obligation to monitor the content of the Platform or user conduct, it retains the right to reject access, terminate accounts, or remove content that violates its policies without prior notice if it notices or is informed of any violations.
Learning Tact reserves the right to suspend access, refuse registrations, or place accounts on hold in order to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
Learning Tact retains the right to exercise discretion in all business decisions and may terminate services at any moment and for any cause without prior warning.
While Learning Tact does not have a responsibility to keep tabs on user activity or material, it does have the authority to step in and address any infractions of the Platform Terms in its sole discretion, and it may do so without providing a warning.

Learning Tact Account Deletion
If you are a student using the Learning Tact platform, you will find that deleting your account is an easy process. We provide two easy ways for you to remove your account, so you may do it whenever you want. The first step is to write to the email address given in the "Contact for User Support/Queries" section to let them know what you intend. On the other hand, you might use the delete feature that's provided in your platform account.

Remember that once your account is terminated, no matter the cause, no one can access your account or any content that you or anyone else has created. Because deleting an account cannot be undone, it is important to think carefully before doing so. Learning Tact reiterates that it is not responsible for the loss of data or user-generated material that occurs after deletion, and it also disclaims any liability that may arise from the inaccessibility of such material.

Learning Tact emphasizes that all accounts will be active unless specifically requested to be deleted to effectively manage user subscriptions. The 'Pricing and Payments' section explains how subscription payments will continue until the user cancels them or requests the deletion of their account, or the Platform Terms terminate them.

Learning Tact is aware of the difficulty of erasing all records, whether they be conversations, images, or files that are accessible to the public. Personal information (as defined in the Privacy Policy) linked to such publicly shared data will be anonymized, nonetheless. This process of anonymization guarantees that no one can be recognized, which reflects Learning Tact's commitment to protecting privacy.

It should be noted that content producers may be required to enter into a separate arrangement with Learning Tact to access and use the platform. All agreements between Learning Tact and content providers are governed by this agreement, as well as the Terms and Conditions and other Platform Terms. The method used here guarantees consistency and transparency in handling user accounts and content on the Learning Tact platform.

Amendments, General Provisions, Legal Notices, Force Majeure, and Other Provisions
Anyone involved in a dispute or claim related to the Learning Tact Platform should contact Learning Tact through the official support channel, which is support@Learning Tact. The resolution of problems and concerns is expedited by this direct connection.
At any time and without prior notice, Learning Tact may, in its sole discretion, amend or change the Agreement and any related policies. Users' continuing use of the Platform following any changes signifies their approval and acceptance of such modifications or revisions, and they are bound by them. The focus is on the user-Learning Tact connection, as the Agreement does not grant any rights or benefits to third parties. To keep up with the latest updates, it's recommended to check the platform regularly.

Natural catastrophes, governmental actions, war, terrorism, civil unrest, strikes, epidemics, and harsh weather are all examples of such events. If Learning Tact's capacity to execute its duties is affected by circumstances beyond its control, this provision acknowledges and protects it.

If a provision of this Agreement is determined to be invalid, illegal, or otherwise unenforceable, that provision will be deemed severable and will not impact the legality of the other sections. Written notices addressed to the platform must be forwarded to the registered office of Learning Tact.

Learning Tact cannot promise that users will have constant, uninterruptible, or secure access to the Platform because of the possibility of operational interference caused by external sources. The Agreement's headings are for reference only; they do not determine the sections' scope or extent. Learning Tact retains the power to take action against future or comparable breaches, even if it chooses to ignore one. Legal complexities within the user-platform connection are clarified and understood in this miscellaneous section.