Beginner To Advanced SEO Course

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Course Overview
Suppose you have a website that you’d like more people to see. That’s where SEO
(Search Engine Optimization) comes in. It’s like giving a website a special makeover to
make it stand out on Google and other search engines.
SEO helps websites to rank higher and gain more people to visit the website. Proper
SEO is helpful if you want a store, blog, or any other website to do well. But when you
are a beginner, learning SEO may seem like diving into an ocean without a clue of what
to do next.
So, if you want to learn SEO through the experts, with the exact needed tools, this
course is for you. You only need an internet connection and a device to attend the
classes. And once your course is done, you can unveil the magic of SEO on your own.
Who Needs This Course?
● People who want to become online business owners
● People who want to be IT experts
● Anyone who wants to make money with blogs
● Students with short time who want to develop a skill
● People who want to balance their schoolwork with part-time online tasks
● Entrepreneurs who want to build and improve their online profiles
What Do You Need Before Starting The Course?
Before starting the SEO course, you don’t need to have any prior knowledge in any
field. But it is necessary to know how to use a computer and find your way around the
You’ll need a computer that can connect to the Internet to start this learning journey.
This computer will help you learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and
put the methods you’ll learn in class into practice.
Having a pair of headphones is also suggested for the best learning experience. As our
classes will be held through Zoom or Skype, headphones can help you focus on course
How Can I Earn Once The Course Ends?
After you finish our 2 months SEO course, you’ll have a lot of ways to make money. You
can look for work at any IT business. Also, you could work for a digital marketing team,
a web development company, or an SEO organization.

A lot of people are looking for SEO services on sites like Upwork and Fiverr. You can
help people all over the world improve their online visibility and search engine rankings
by sharing your knowledge with them.
Besides, people who write content and blogs need to know a lot about SEO. With your
knowledge, you can make material that is both interesting and good for search engines.
Moreover, you can help businesses with different needs if you learn SEO for e-
commerce, healthcare, or any other field. Specialization can help you stand out in a
crowded market and get better rates.
Special Facilities
● You will learn from instructors who are some of the most famous IT business
owners and freelancers in the country.
● You can get direct help from teachers even after class is over. There is an extra
hour of practice with the teacher watching over you. This makes sure you can
use what you’ve learned in a place where someone is watching.
● After you finish the course, you’ll get help for life. Instructors who are experts will
help you for as long as you need it.
● At the end of each class, there are practice tests, quizzes, homework, and the
newest tools to help you learn quickly.
● There are still review and problem-solving classes after the course is over. This
lets you go over any difficult things again or get more information about anything
you’re not sure about.
● When you finish the course, you will get an online verified certificate that shows
you know a lot about SEO. This certificate makes your skills more valuable in the
digital market.
● When the course is over, you can choose between free and paid jobs. You can
use your skills in real life by getting this hands-on training.


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